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--Let the World Change You and You can Change the World--

Be Revolutionary

8 May
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Why you've stubbled across the world of Tiffy! Well done you! A little background info? I'm a Criminal Justice major/ World History minor and a hopeful little pre-law student. I'm engaged to a quorky but loving man for the past six months and we've been together for three years. We're the proud Mama and Papa of a bathroom challenged pet we lovingly call Iggy. We live in an apartment with a great view of the city and a view of the University.

I love Fall and Winter, though I've been fond of the Summer a few times when there is a surfboard near by. I'm a Cali girl stuck in limbo in the South world but you can't bring this girl down, no sir! I can do flips around you in heels.

I'm half German and half Persian. If I were a cat I would be worth around $800 and a cup of cat knip.

I'm a music and movie junkie, I suppose you could equally say I'm a book junkie too. I'm also a coffee lover, a chai tea lover, an expresso lover *very much so*, and a mocha and a cafe latte lover.

I come off as a snob, but that's only because I'm shy and I never talk. I'm pro-choice, for gay rights, and I'm a democrat. I love my Limited brands *Limited, Express....* .

I love my life, my family, and my guy!

My guy and me!

And now some of my family!

I look fat in that, but my family looks so cute!